Teafinest Capsules Featured by Netflix Recognised Foodies

TeaFinest capsules were featured by #foodievstheworld

Extracted from their Instagram post on Apr 3 2018

Coffee is not the only thing that a @Nespresso​ machine can process now. Introducing the all-new tea capsules from @TeaFinest​! With this, you won’t risk ruining your tea by steeping too long (or have it too weak). Instead, let your trusty Nespresso machine work its magic to give you the perfect cuppa tea. Every. Single. Time. Also, the capsules help to maintain the freshness and quality of the exclusively spring-harvested tea leaves. 
We tried the caffeine-free Early Spring White Tea, which is actually the selection’s lightest option, but we totally loved the fragrant and refreshing flavour. Perfect if you’re looking to unwind! 


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