TeaFinest One Touch Tea Machine

TeaFinest One Touch Tea Machine

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TeaFinest One Touch Tea Machine extracts the precise measure for the perfect cup of tea at the touch of a button. A new, dedicated tea function provides optimum steeping conditions for a deliciously flavoursome, hot cup of tea. The unique single button function with temperature boost for your perfect cup of tea.


  • Single button operation for ease user experience
  • Chromed aluminium lever for capsule placement compartment
  • Light indicator for machine start up and service ready
  • Preprogrammed dosing memory for TeaFinest cup size
  • On demand fast heating system
  • Automatic purge to optimize tea steeping temperature
  • Auto dosing to measure for a perfect tea steeping
  • Auto off after 5 min standby
  • Fire red side clip plates over a black housing


What's out from the box

  • One Touch Tea Machine
  • 1L water reservoir and tank cover
  • Drip tray with removable screen
  • Used capsule container
  • User manual

Technical specifications

  • AC 220-240V 50Hz
  • Weight : 3.25 kg
  • Size (cm) : 13 (w) x 37 (d) x 22 (h)
  • Rated power : 850W
  • Pressure Pump: 19 BAR
  • Protection Class I heating system